Spring 2022

Houston, TX


Created and Written by Mai Lê and Đạt Peter Tôn

May 27–June 12, 2022

Philip’s getting married. But first, he's reconciling his past.
Brother and sister duo Philip and Luci reunite on the eve of Philip’s wedding. Over some egg rolls, they plan, reminisce, and clash in the way only siblings can as they struggle to find their own voices. Balancing culture and identity with humor, the two unpack their past and pave a new way forward together. A jubilant world premiere about family, tradition, Vietnamese cooking, and growing up in Houston from two of the city’s most exciting young artists.




Chautauqua, NY

Flowers of Hawaii by Lee Cataluna

Directed by: Olga Sachez-Saltveit

New Play Workshop

June 22-24, 2022


“We understand what it’s like to raise kids who turn out nothing like we intended.”

This extended Hawaii family has a wealth of personalities including sexy grandmothers, delinquent grandkids, gender-fluid cousins, abusive wives, addict uncles, and more. They clash, they break, they mend, they eat, and they love each other. Lee Cataluna dishes up a unique play filled with heartbreak and humor and a dash of authentic Hawaiiana.