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Hostos Community College 

Hostos Children’s Center

Hostos Lincoln Academy 

Hero High School

StART - Osceola County School for the Performing Arts

Episcopal School 

UNC Chapel Hill

Jordan Matthews High School


Sergio has been a Preschool Teacher since before the Acting bug bit him. It is there that he encouraged his kids the importance of play, sharing and being kind are critical components in learning the social kills they need to succeed. As he moved from guiding 4 year olds to young adults to grown folx, he realized the same ABC’s never changed.  He has taught classes and workshops in Foundations of Public Speaking and Intro to Acting to Non-Majors. Through games, improv, monologue and scene work, he aims to build up their confidence, acknowledge shame and let -that -shit -go, true listening, generosity to other and themselves. All the while being joyful, open, empathetic and vulnerable. 


References available upon request.

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